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While it seems that the pandemic has turned the world of work upside down, we see it as an event that simply hastened the trend of remote work or simply working from anywhere other than the office. Here in the Philippines we anticipate local companies to follow this shift, as executives weigh in on the benefits of working from home such as increased productivity, well-being, motivation and decrease in overhead such as utility and real estate bills. For those who are treading in this uncharted territory of remote work, or those who have just begun, one should be well-equipped to stay focused, productive and comfortable with these products we recommend.

Ofix Deluxe-56 High Back Mesh Chair
Let’s face it, your monoblock chair won’t cut it anymore if you want to maintain your A-game at work. A good chair enables good posture, and good posture contributes to comfort, thereby contributing to greater focus and productivity. This mesh chair from Qube features highly breathable mesh perfect for our tropical weather, because you know not everyone can afford to turn on their AC every day. It’s height is easily adjustable, as well as the headrest. The wide base allow greater stability while you glide back and forth from your kitchen to the workstation if you want to. It is priced at PHP 6,050.00 and is available in Lazada.

Ofix Deluxe-56 Mesh High Back Chair in Black Frame

Fredde Gaming Table
While it was originally designed for gamers, hardcore workaholics will enjoy this Fredde gaming desk. It features a built-in cup holder, a platform that could fit two monitors, sun blockers to prevent glare, hooks for cables and headphones, ample space for surround speakers and tower CPU. Comes in white and black. Available at Furniture Source.

Ikea’s Fredde Gaming Desk in Black

Ikea Savsta Memo Board
This stylish memo also from Ikea allows you to write on post notes about important meetings, reminders and to-do’s on its magnetic and smooth surface – beats the fabric panel around your cubicle or workstation by a mile. It can be easily cut into smaller panels. Priced at PHP 795.00 from Furniture Source.

Savsta Memo Board also from Ikea

Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp
With focused work, lighting is key as it minimizes glare from your computer screen and makes working much comfortable with your eyes. This metal swing arm desk lamp will do just that and also reminds us of that adorable Pixar lamp in their opening movie credits. Buy it at Lazada for PHP 469.00

Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Xiaomi Nesugar Personal Air Cooler
One of the perks being in an office is the AC, and it is more apparent during hot humid weather in the Philippines. Good thing Xiaomi has the Nesugar Personal Air Cooler, which saves us from being tempted with turning on our air conditioners and rack up electricity bills. The unit has a small footprint ideal for most desks and tabletops and is powered through USB. The cooling effect is derived from misting, with which the Xiaomi Nesugar has a capacity of 200ML. You can buy it at Lazada at PHP 1,645.

Youpin nesugar Home Mini Air Conditioner Portable Air Cooler USB Desktop  Air Cooler Fan Air Conditioning Water Cooling Fan Desk|Smart Remote  Control| - AliExpress

Freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs and corporate people lucky (or unlucky?) enough to enjoy this remote work arrangement has been crushing it long before the pandemic – and with the right tools and mindset we think you can, too!

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