Why Can’t I Download Carousell? Get The Download Links Here

Carousell can be accessed through your PC, laptop, and mobile. It has user-friendly features and an intuitive interface. It can easily be used by the older generations more so by generation z. It is best and recommended to be used on your phone but if in case, you are unable to download it here are the probable reasons why:

How To Download from the iOS App Store

For iOs users, go to your Apple store, type or search for Carousell and just download it. It’s that easy! 

Carousell app for iOS devices can be downloaded here.

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How To Download from the Google Play Store

Downloading it on android phones is as easy with iOS, go to the google play store which is normally pre-downloaded on android phones, search for Carousell and start downloading!

You can download Carousell for your android devices here

The downloading time will depend on your phone’s current storage and data during the download. The Carousell app won’t take too much of your phone’s storage with 406.6 MB for iOS and 22MB for android. You can download and create an account for free but it has in-app purchases and contains ads. Registered sellers also have an option to upgrade their account to its premium access called “CarouBiz” which is a subscription service for online sellers that enables them to have access to premium tools that can help their business’ branding and operations.

If you’re planning to sell property, autos, motorbikes, and accessories, Carousell also has a separate system for you. You can check their website at www.carousell.ph to learn more about selling properties, buying and selling motorcycles and other vehicles. They have available resources on their Carousell blog where you can even become a property guru however, not all of these features are available to all countries with Carousell. These are supported in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. For more information, you can read through their terms of use here.

Currently, it already has 10 million downloads and counting. Another important thing you should also check is your phone’s compatibility. For Apple products, Carousell requires iOS 10 or later for iPhone and iPads while versions 5.0 and up for android products. 

If you are unable to download it on iOS or android, you can refer to the following reasons:

  1. Carousell may not be available in your country – As of this date, it is mainly accessible in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.
  2. Your phone may no longer have enough space – you can check your phone’s storage, remove data cache or uninstall apps you don’t use anymore to clear update space. 
  3. Check your internet or data connection – you may need to refresh your internet connection or check the status of your data if in case your connection is not enough to download the app.
  4. Check your phone’s cache and data – just like a computer’s data history, your phone may need a clean slate to function properly and disable bugs. 
  5. Your app store is not updated – Similar to other apps you download, the Apple store and Google Play also need to be updated because these updates normally stabilize your phone’s performance and fix operating system issues. 
  6. Refresh your Google account – this hack has been done for a long time already and is proven to solve minor issues. Log out your Google account then log in again. Also, check your app store’s app information and make sure it’s not disabled or in force stop mode.
  7. Newly bought the mobile phone – some mobile phones take time to process especially if it’s brand new or newly set up, give it some time to adjust then try downloading again.

If all else fails, you can opt to contact your app store provider’s customer service or coordinate with Carousell’s customer support team. They may help you figure out a way to download the app but based on customer reviews, issues like this on Carousell’s end seldom exist. It’s best to check the above-mentioned reasons first before downloading the app just to be sure you won’t encounter any problems. It’s also essential to do them to monitor your phone’s performance.

You can check Carousell’s website or email them at help@thecarousell.com for any related issues or assistance. It will also be a big help to leave a review on their app store for them to be aware of what they need to maintain, elevate and improve. You will also be automatically notified of their latest updates. Don’t forget to read what the update is about because it may resolve issues you have encountered before or currently experiencing. 

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