Where to Sell Used PC Parts in the Philippines?

Selling used computer and PC parts can be challenging as the instinct of most buyers in the Philippines is to look for the shiniest, fastest and newest tech. However this doesn’t mean you can’t sell those old pc parts gathering dust for some serious bucks. It’s time to free up your closet or storage space!

Save up space and earn some money selling used pc parts and gadgets. Credit: Lorenzo Herrera

In the Philippines you can sell used PC parts at:

  • TipidPC
  • Philmug.ph
  • Online Filipino Freelancers Group
  • Facebook Buy and Sell Groups
  • Ecommerce platforms such as Shoppee and Lazada, buy and sell sites.

Selling used PC parts is not simply posting an item for sale, you need to plan, communicate and have some business savvy so you can easily convert those old PC parts into serious cash.

Websites Where You Can Sell Used PC Parts


TipidPC is the longest running website and forums for buying and selling new and used PC parts in the Philippines. It has been around since 2001, a time when PC modding was at its peak. The forums has since then branched out to non-computer related topics such as cars, cryptocurrency and home construction. It still enjoys an active user base in its forums.


Philmug.ph has been around since the late 1990s, way before the introduction of iPods and the ubiquitous iPhone. Honestly the number of visitors and user activity has seen better days, but if you are looking into selling any Apple product this is a good place to do so. Just ask one of the moderators which thread is for selling as navigation on the site is not so user friendly.

Online Filipino Freelancers

This large Facebook group dedicated to freelancers and those aspiring to break free from the 40 hour work week has a thread for buying and selling items, including used PCs and laptops. The key is not to spam the main thread with your post as it will surely get you kicked from the group.

Facebook buy and sell groups

Posting to Facebook buy and sell groups are also a good idea as most groups for the Philippines have active members and their presence within Facebook means users don’t have to get out of the social network to view your items. You can also opt to do a live selling session when most users are online.

Ecommerce platforms

Surprisingly Lazada and Shoppee, the two biggest ecommerce platforms in the Philippines allows sellers to post used items. As with any ecommerce platform the title and description should be as descriptive as it can be: post the price, condition, warranty (if any), manuals, technical specifications, and detailed photos.

Make sure to follow Lazada or Shoppee seller terms and conditions such as return and warranty policies for buyers.

Buy and sell websites

The good old buy and sell websites are the usual places where buyers go to for used PC parts, hence there’s good user traffic on the sites. Carousell.ph and Locanto.ph are two of the most popular sites that you can check out.

How To Sell Used PC Parts Fast and Get Serious Money

Write A Descriptive Title

Whether you post a listing on Shoppee, Lazada, Carousell.ph or a Facebook group, it helps that you make your title as descriptive as possible. Include in the title the condition, major technical specification, brand and price.

For example if you’re selling a used laptop, a great title would be “[USED] Acer Laptop 12 inch screen with 500GB SSD and Core i7 processor PHP 20k negotiable.” The bracket is not required but having these special characters will help your listing to stand out.

Having a descriptive title coupled with a hefty description section will also help your listing rank high in search engines – which means more would-be buyers. To know how to write an effective description section, read on.

Preempt Buyer Questions With The Description

Aside from technical specifications, the description section should be able to answer any question that the buyer might have. Questions such as:

  • How long was it used?
  • Any visible scratches?
  • Any issues or problems with the hardware or software?
  • Is the price negotiable?
  • Do you do meetups?
  • Why are you selling?
  • How many battery cycles are left?
  • Do you still have the box and manual?
  • Are charging cables included?
  • What are the dimensions?

Answering these questions ahead will not just save time instead of back and forth messages with several would-be buyers but also help buyers make up their mind about the item you are selling.

Be helpful and respond to buyer questions ASAP

Add some value and set yourself apart from other sellers by being prompt with user queries. It also helps greatly if you offer some advice or be helpful in general, as not all buyers have the technical and first hand knowledge about the item you are selling.

Even if you don’t end up selling the item with that particular customer, they just might recommend you to others for just being plain helpful and knowledgeable.

Offer some warranty

We know that you are not selling brand new item, and so warranty may have already expired. But if you are flexible you can offer something like a 7-day seller warranty. This may just nudge would-be buyers to send you the payment asap as it provides an element of trust for the buyer.

Include Pictures Like A Pro Seller

Upload as many pictures as possible from all angles you can shoot: top, bottom, side, left and right. Also include photos of dents or scratches if any – this shows that you are honest upfront and you don’t have nasty surprises with the item you are selling.

Taking a picture of the item side by side a coin or ruler is also helpful as it creates a reference for size.

The Challenge

Selling used PC parts is challenging as most Filipinos want the newest technology and see buying used items as risky. However this aversion can be countered by building trust with buyers such as being helpful and offering 7-day warranties so that they’ll know that they’re buying from a trustworthy seller.

By following these tips and the advice above, you will be well on your way getting extra money from your old PC parts, and free up some space on your own.

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