Where Can I Sell My Old Stuff In The Philippines?

Decluttering can be therapeutic and make you some bucks as you can sell your old stuff to people who might have more use for them. But where can you sell them quickly and at a good price?

Selling your old stuff can be easy if you know where to find buyers. Credit: Sujith Devangari

In the Philippines there are lots of places online and offline where you can sell old stuff. Here is a list of websites, businesses and places where you can sell your old items:

  • Buy and Sell Facebook Groups
  • Instagram
  • Online Classified Ads Websites
  • Newspaper Classified Ads
  • Online Pawnshops
  • Traditional Pawnshops
  • Garage Sale
  • HMR Philippines
  • Junk Shops

Now, these places are not created equal – you have to know where is the best place to sell which item. To get more money with your old stuff and sell them quickly, continue reading for handy tips.

Buy and Sell Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have become so popular that even groups for buying and selling where created for different cities in the Philippines. These groups are also known for live selling, which you can do and sell your items quickly buy just doing a live feed of yourself showing off the item and describing.

Stuff that sell quickly in these groups are clothing, fashion and accessories. Join a group with the highest number of active and engaged members and if you are doing a live selling session in a group, the best times are usually early evenings where there are more people online.


Yes, you can sell from your own Instagram profile as you already have an audience there – your friends and followers! You can even ask them to help you sell your items and give them a commission if you want.

To gain greater reach of the old stuff you are selling and posting, make use of tags that describe the item and follow Instagram accounts that sell the same items as you do. Just make sure to follow just a few account per day so Instagram won’t flag you as a bot.

Classified Ads Online

These websites are specifically built for selling old and used stuff in the Philippines, and we have quite many of the here. You can individually post items in the different portals and you will get views almost instantly for your ads and they are mostly free.

With your ad listings, make the title as descriptive as possible and description as long as possible so your ad will have a chance to rank in the search engines. Make sure to answer queries as fast as possible because while you can compete with price, you also compete with promptness with other sellers (some customers like to get their item on the same day and have the item picked up through Grab or Lalamove).

Advertise on the top free classified ads websites (to view the list click the link), so you can get the most exposure for your items.

Print Classified Ads In Newspapers

Except for Buy and Sell Philippines, taking an ad on newspapers will require some cash outlay – but if you have a ton of items to sell, with some big ticket items, this can be a viable channel.

Keep in mind that these newspapers have an older demographic as readers, so sell items that appeal to these age groups such as antique furniture, classic cars, jewelry, swiss watches, etc.

You can advertise a garage sale or you can list big ticket individual items. Here’s a list we compiled for the top print classified ads on newspapers.


While they do not actually buy old stuff, Pawnhero gives you some cash for your old stuff. However they mostly accept luxury goods such as handbags, Swiss watches, signature eyewear, and not-so-old top of the line gadgets such as laptops, phones and cameras.

To get started, you can sign up at their website or app and they will have someone to pickup the item and will give you debit card. They will then appraise your item and if you agree you can proceed to withdraw the cash using the debit card.

This is good if you need quick cash but do not expect they will appraise your items at the value you want. The good thing is you can “buy back” your items if they have some sentimental value for you.

Garage sale

If you have time and effort to spare, opening up a garage sale can be fun to do. Announce your sale date and send out flyers in your village and neighboring areas – you can also include examples of items you are selling and their prices.

Make a prominent sign for your garage sale to make it visible with your neighbors, and write something like “limited time” or “1 day only” for urgency.

Junk shops

Your neighborhood junk shop is good for selling old newspapers, magazines, notebooks, scrap items such broken appliances, wiring, glass bottles, plastic containers, plastic bags, etc.

You can canvass around different shops in your area to get the best deal, and also ask what other items they are willing to buy and you will be surprised as most also buy old printer cartridges and broken gadgets.

In Summary

Selling your stuff can be a fun activity as you can exercise your marketing chops, as well seeing how your old stuff can find new uses and homes with their new owners – at the same time you get more money and you get more space in your closet!

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