Turning Specific Customer Behaviors to Conversions: Getting Started With Google Optimize

Google has made it easier for businesses to analyze visitor behavior on websites through A/B testing with Google Optimize.

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Since releasing its Optimize and Optimize 360 tools out of beta, Google has made it easier for businesses to analyze visitor behavior on websites through A/B testing.  With this, businesses with limited employee resources and knowledge now had access to a tool to get started on analyzing customer behavior on their websites.

Google created Optimize 360 for small to medium businesses with limited website development budgets and resources, in addition to Optimize which is for enterprise-grade testing. 

Starting with Optimize 360 is fairly easy, and can be implemented on top of Google Analytics – one just has to add a single line of code and the user can begin to design experiments and ultimately improve his visitors’ online experience.

Currently Optimize 360 has an experiment threshold of 3 experiments, but Google is planning to update this to 5 experiments, one among the many improvements to the tool. Moreover, it has published a series of introduction videos for those who are new to testing and those getting started on Google Optimize.

Optimize Overview: Quick primer on what Optimize is and how it can help you

Set up your account: Shows you how to link to Google Analytics and get your site ready to run tests 

Create your first experiment: Use the Optimize editor to change your site without writing any code 

Understanding your results: See how Optimize clearly tells you which changes worked best

While setting up an Optimize 360 account is straightforward, one has to be well versed in data analysis to come up with actionable insights to improve conversions. Moreover, one has to be knowledgeable in setting up valid experiments to come up with conclusive results – as they say “Garbage in, garbage out.” 

Implement Google Optimize or Optimize 360 and conduct experiments with POPXOP and gain insights on how to turn specific user behaviors on your site to conversions.

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