A Home-grown Classifieds Marketplace is a website that aims to be a “one-stop shop” for online shopping and selling in the Philippines. With few competitors at the top, it can be said that it is one of the faster growing classified ads sites in the Philippines. Essentially, it provides local businesses a simple, fast and free online storefront to aid them in buying and selling goods online.

As proclaims, joining and using the platform can be easy. Users need to go to their website, create an account, take a photo of their products, provide the necessary details or descriptions, upload and start selling. One can sell almost anything on the website as long as it is not a prohibited item or service based on Philippine laws. 

Website Ranking is currently ranked as the 4,597th most popular website in the Philippines. In September 2020, it has 60,000 total visits mostly from the Philippines. Most of its traffic are from search engines.

The Website

The website’s name was derived from “Sulit”, a Filipino term which means value for your money or worth it. It so it was said to be the main focus of the platform. The website caters to a broad range of selllers and service providers of gadgets, home furniture, books, beauty products, clothes, shoes and bags, real estate, cars, business services. 

To become a user, one must create an account by clicking the sign up button and it will direct to a registration page where one enter his preferred username, email and password. Once registered, one can already start uploading product info and photos. One can also choose to be a member of Sulit Buy and Sell, Sulit Business Directory or Sulit Cars groups.  

The main website’s homepage shows various articles and content related to fitness, food, health, lifestyle, travel and technology. It also features Sulit Picks, Trending Story and Dapitan Arcade. The website also provides their social media handles. At first glance, you’ll be overwhelmed with the website content but as you navigate the page you’ll be able to identify the sections you intended to go to. The POST AD button is easily located as well as the SEARCH bar and company information. It also features Dapitan Arcade, launched in 2020, which is an online version of the marketplace where one can find native products, Christmas decorations and items for the home.

Technology & Design

The Content Management System (CMS) it uses is WordPress. The design is simple and straight-forward. The color palette used is complementary and pleasing to the eyes. The images provided are in high definition while the layout and font choices are in sync and appropriate. The overall styling is not complicated and user-friendly. The movement and response of dynamic components such as dropdown menus, buttons, forms and galleries are fast, reliable and professional. 

The domain and website is protected by Cloudflare in the U.S. They also have an available mobile app on Google Playstore and iTunes Apple Store. Official Logo

The Founders was founded by Jay Adevoso, Gerald Yuvallos and Anton Sheker in 2008.

Jay Adevoso, founder and CEO of has 26 years of media experience selling & marketing TV, radio, online and mobile platforms and services. He finished Business Management at Ateneo de Manila University in 1993. He first started as a Sales and Marketing Manager at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation from 1994 to 2002. Before he became the CEO and founder of, he had outstanding work experience in various companies such as Chikka Asia and ePLDT.

Another important person behind is Anton Sheker. He is currently the Managing Director and apart from that he is also a professional photographer and Digital Architect or SEO Consultant. He also founded Goal.PH which promotes Football through photography. His training and expertise in the field of technology involves Technical and Content SEO, Link Building, PPC/Adwords, Adsense, Social Media, AI Chat Bot, Lead Management, WordPress, Digital Marketing and the like. 

News and Controversies

In 2008, one of the co-founders Anton Sheker sued Manila Bulletin for copyright infringement. The photos from his personal blog were allegedly downloaded by Manila Bulletin and used for a travel feature without his express permission. That was the first time a case involved copyright infringement and the Internet as a medium and used camera EXIF data as evidence in the Philippines.

In 2020, as businesses were devastated by the COVID-19 epidemic, helped launched the online storefront of Dapitan Arcade. Originally a brick-and-mortar destination for shopping export-quality goods such as kitchenware, home items and Christmas decor, was able to bring this bargain-hunter’s paradise to the online world.

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