Plywood Price Philippines: Updated & Complete Sellers List

Retail plywood prices in the Philippines vary depending on the laminate material if any, wood variant, thickness and origin. Although somehow insulated from price fluctuations globally, as with any other commodity product, plywood prices in the Philippines vary by seasonal demand.

Plywood prices in the Philippines depend on the material, brand and source. Credit: Robert Katzki

Standard or ordinary plywood in the Philippines costs PHP 900 with a thickness of 3/4 inch, PHP 520 with thickness of 1/2 inch and PHP 290 with thickness of 1/4 inch. Note that these are quoted retail prices, and are different from prices in IndexMundi which shows global wholesale commodity prices that are simply converted to Philippine pesos.

To know the prices of other types plywood such as plyboard, marine plywood, phenolic plywood/plyboard, and gypsum board in the Philippines, read on.

Ordinary Plywood Prices in the Philippines

Prices of ordinary plywood as described above ranges from PHP 290 to PHP 900, depending on the thickness (1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch).

China-sourced ordinary plywood compete with other plywood brands such as Chaverson, Uniwood, Richmond and M&S in the Philippines.

Marine Plywood Prices in the Philippines

Marine plywood is more durable than ordinary plywood as it has more than 4 layers and bound together with a waterproof adhesive.

Some of marine plywood brands in the Philippine market are Woodking, Richmond and Uniwood. In addition some China-sourced marine plywood are also sold by local vendors.

A 3/4 inch marine plywood costs PHP 900, 1/2 inch costs PHP 520 and a 1/4 inch marine plywood costs PHP 290.

Plyboard Prices in the Philippines

A plyboard is a construction material made with strips of wood at the center and thin veneer panels at its top and bottom sides.

Although less durable and water resistant than a standard plywood, plyboards are more cost-effective. A 3/4 inch plyboard in the Philippines costs PHP 850, but as with any seller a discount for bulk orders may be given.

Phenolic Plywood Board Prices in the Philippines

Phenolic board or phenolic plywood features veneers that are soaked in Phenolic resin. This type of plywood is resistant to scratches, water damage, chemicals and pests.

A 3/4 inch phenolic plywood is priced at PHP 880 while a 1/2 inch phenolic plywood is priced at PHP 680.

Gypsum Board Prices in the Philippines

Gypsum board is a highly favored construction material even in the Philippines with its fire resistant and water resistant properties. It is a substitute to ordinary plywood and marine plywood in construction projects in the Philippines.

A 9mm gypsum board costs PHP 460 while a 1/2 inch board costs PHP 570 in the Philippines.

Sellers of Plywood in the Philippines

SellerContact NumbersLocation
Juan Carlos Samonte0936 922 3795
0922 839 7447
NJH Trading02 7001 8901
0917 639 6481
Paranaque City
Fred Marius0926 064 3740Quezon City
Aurora Taboso0949 412 0580
0917 960 6238
Muntinlupa City
LRoamar Construction Trading0917 516 5802
0998 540 5598
Mandaluyong City
JAMJ Phenolic Plywood Trading0917 825 8030
0998 790 8682
02 245 5297
92 821 2961
Manila City

Several vendors in the Philippines post listings on the leading classified ads sites in the Philippines, and you may sometimes find their wholesale or retail prices posted.

As mentioned, prices vary on the type, sourcing country and brand of plywood. Retail prices also vary with bundle orders, and some vendors while offering lower cost per sheet have minimum orders and only cater to wholesale buyers. If you are contractor or have a business related to construction it pays to maintain relationships with these vendors as they can give preferred prices or substantial discounts.

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