MyBenta: The New Kid On the Philippines Classified Ads Block

MyBenta is essentially the new kid on the block of classified ads marketplaces in the Philippines. It was founded by Emmanuel Rey Mariano, who in the past seemed to have caught the ire founder RJ David. MyBenta currently has a good foothold of the classified ads space, considering it was a late entrant to the space, although no significant updates to the site have been made in the past year or so.

MyBenta is the newest kid in the classified ads website block. Credit: Toni Reed

Its website proclaims that the ads are “free forever” a jab at, when it got aggressive on monetization after its acquisition by OLX. With MyBenta, one just needs to register through its website or app and enjoy free ads posting. It has a spartan, no-frills interface that is to be its main selling point aside from its free ads hook.

Website Ranking

MyBenta ranks 11th among Ecommerce and Shopping websites in the Philippines. Globally it is ranked 288,504th. Traffic to has been declining in the last 6 months, from above 200,000 page views to less than 125,000 page views in December 2020. This may be attributed to its passive traffic acquisition strategy which mainly relies on ad postings to garner organic traffic. Its social media presence on Facebook is not active as well.

The Founder was founded by Emmanuel Rey Mariano. Mr. Mariano has bachelors and masters degrees both from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Aside from MyBenta he has authored several apps including DeliveryCub.


The website went live in December 2013 and has been updated several times during the first three years. Its first month it was noted that it has 15 members and 640 ads listed. Currently, it claims it has over 400,000 ads listed. 

Site Overview

Ads listed on the site do not undergo an ad approval process, which is actually a risky move as scammers and shady characters can easily post ads and victimize would-be buyers. The site mainly earns through Google AdSense which are impressions and click-based. The site is closely affiliated with BatteryPort, an online seller of laptop chargers and batteries, with its banners prominently displayed on the MyBenta homepage for quite some time now.

As mentioned earlier, moderation of ads is minimal to non-existent, as some sellers have publicly posted reviews and comments about scammers within MyBenta’s classified ads platform.

During the early years of the site, MyBenta had a forum for buyers and sellers alike but was scrapped later on. The website also has no blog or new section for any updates from the website owners. 

MyBenta Mobile App

On November 9 2020 MyBenta through its Facebook page announced the launch of its iOS app, however it seems that app in both Google Play and Apple App stores have been pulled out and are unavailable in search results.

MyBenta Logo

MyBenta logo is reminiscent of web 2.0 logos which featured a playful and approachable aesthetic. The logo hasn’t been updated since the middle of 2010’s.

News and controversies

In 2014 Emmanuel Rey Mariano was at the receiving end of a cease and desist order from founder RJ David, which claimed that the former was responsible for spamming users with text messages persuading them to switch over to

MyBenta is poised like the David that will slay the Goliath that was OLX, with a good SEO footprint in SERPs, a decent mobile app and good feedback from sellers, the erstwhile classified ads giant should not be resting on its laurels. MyBenta may just be one or two investment rounds away from sweeping its competitors.

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