Move Your Traffic Into A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel will be the tactic to aid your social media marketing strategy. It will help turn cold leads to potential customers

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Social Media Marketing is one of the main channels for placing your product in front of more people. However, not all folks who can see your product are going to be interested in purchasing one.

A majority of the traffic will be cold traffic, and these would be the people who have not heard anything about you and are most likely to be first time visitors to your site. Warmer audiences such as those who have opted into one of your lists or those who have purchased will only be a small percentage.

With that, a Sales Funnel will be the tactic to aid your social media marketing strategy. It will help turn cold leads to potential customers and eventually lead them to trust your business. Here are some ways on how to convert this cold traffic and optimize your funnel.

1. Calculate Social Media Conversion Rates for Your Funnel

This first step requires you to audit your current campaigns by finding out which platforms are bringing the most conversions for you, and also set achievable targets.

2. Set an Overall Conversion Rate Goal

The key here is to set an optimum goal such that missing it won’t disappoint or decrease your team morale. It should be realistic, but at the same time something that can motivate. One method is to compare your current conversion rate to the industry rate, and apply increments very every period to come up with your target conversion rate.

3. Optimize Your Funnel to Increase Social Media Conversions

Add social signups and social shares to your website, as these are known to increase conversions. In an experiment, a split test allowed users to either sign up using only their email address or sign up using their Facebook, Google or LinkedIn login. With a social signup option, conversions increased by more than 50%

4. Activate Social Media to Drive Targeted Traffic

For optimum results, you should direct your efforts to social platforms that bring you the most conversions. With a focused approach, you will have more time to create better content that is tailored to your target persona.

With the top of your sales funnel all setup, it now the time to do retargeting. This warmer audience are already familiar with your brand and only need a little more persuasion to convert.

Sales Funnels ideally should be implemented in tandem with Social Media Marketing efforts for more fruitful results. Moreover, it is also a strategy to allow clients to trust you more, which will eventually lead to more conversions for your product or service.

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