Most Active Buy and Sell Groups On Facebook Philippines

Perhaps the most used Facebook feature right now are Facebook Groups where everyone with similar interests can congregate online and interact as a community. Facebook Groups have surged in popularity over the past few years as the platform favoring it more than Facebook pages, and the pandemic forcing people to find ways to connect online.

Buy and sell Facebook Groups are as lively as an open air market. Credit: Sam Beasley

The following are the most active buy and sell Facebook Groups in the Philippines:

  1. Hachi’s Buy and Sell
  2. Marketplace Philippines
  3. Manila Buy and Sell
  4. My Car for Sale Philippines
  5. Bentahan ng Unit Cars, Motorcycles & Accessories

The most common type of Facebook group is those interested in Buying and Selling products for profit. There are different types of buy and sell Facebook groups, catering to different niches, locations and cities. New Facebook groups for buying and selling have been formed, but the original buy and sell groups are still going strong. Even without the pandemic, Buy and Sell Facebook groups have been important for those who are in between jobs and those who want to augment their current income. 

Whether you’re thinking about starting a business, a small business owner, or simply looking for bargains, there is a Buy and Sell Facebook group for you. Many of you may already be a member of one of the following groups but continue reading to discover the most active Facebook Buy and Sell groups in the Philippines. You may come across groups that might just interest you with their array of products and services offered.

Most Active Buy and Sell Facebook Groups in the Philippines

1. Hachi’s Buy and Sell

With 1.6 members and counting, Hachi’s Buy and Sell has become the one of the most popular Facebook buy and sell group in the Philippines. It was founded by Simon Cruz, aka Hachi, in 2012 and has increased massively over the years. It is a public group and is being managed and monitored by two admins and 13 moderators. They do not cater to a specific type of product, and you’re free to sell anything you want as long as it does not violate the rules they have set. 

2. Marketplace Philippines

Marketplace Philippines is also a public Facebook group with 348.8k members and counting but what makes them stand out is that they have a list of verified sellers, easily found on top of their page. They also encourage members to purchase from these sellers to avoid fraud and complications. You can also become one of their verified sellers, but you have to comply with specific requirements such as valid IDs, documents, selfies, and a one-time fee of P150 to help maintain the group. 

3. Manila Buy and Sell

Similar to the above examples, Manila Buy and Sell is also a public Facebook group that offers a wide variety of products. The only difference is that their market is for the people located in Metro Manila. It has 134.4k members and counting. Postings reach up to 5000 per day, so you will definitely find something for you in this group. 

4. My Car For Sale Philippines

My Car For Sale is a public group but is exclusive to cars and motorcycles only. It already has 411.9k members and with at least 2000 posts per day. It strictly for posting of car and motorcycle-related topics only and admin rules insist posts should include the price in the post if it’s for sale. Administrators also maintain the group’s quality of posts by automatically banning and blocking violators. 

5. Bentahan ng Unit Cars, Motorcycles and Accessories

This Facebook group is also exclusive to buying and selling cars, motorcycles, and related accessories. However, it is a private group, so you’ll need to join to see the postings. It was created in June 2013 and now has 737.6k members. What makes them different is they have a Youtube channel. They feature the cars, motorcycles, and accessories for sale, serving as free advertisements for the seller. They only allow second-hand items but implements posting of complete details, actual photos, and reasonable prices. They also block members that haggle prices from sellers but still end up not buying or bogus buyers. 

Facebook Buy and Sell groups have something for everyone!

The list doesn’t end there, of course. There are various active buy and sell groups on Facebook that continue to grow and adapt to the needs of Facebook users. As with online transactions, one should never forget to be cautious in dealing with sellers. Prioritize your safety, and when in doubt, trust your instincts. There will always be potential dangers with these platforms, and it is our responsibility to be wary and careful of who we transact with. Happy selling and bargain hunting! 

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