Is Carousell Available in the United States?

Carousell is a Singaporean-owned company that serves as a marketplace for buying and selling second-hand and brand-new items. It was established by Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo, and Marcus Tan on May 14, 2012. As of today, they have a presence in Asia Pacific nations such as Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Carousell is still not available in the United States of America but this doesn’t mean they don’t have plans to do so. The company already has a foothold in the North American market through Canada, and the company has recently closed a new round of funding and this will definitely help them in their expansion to other markets.

Can Carousell Ship to the United States?

Most online selling platforms do not offer international shipping and it leaves international buyers out in the cold. This is mainly because of shipping and customs fees. It can also take a very long time to send parcels and tracking it may not be easy for both parties. But with Carousell, it is a case to case basis. You simply have to talk to the seller and he or she should be able to arrange international shipping. Just make sure your arrangements are clear enough, if you are shouldering all the shipping fees or the seller will shoulder a fraction of it.

Although it may be more expensive, ask the seller to choose an international freight forwarder who provides a tracking code like FedEx, UPS or DHL. This will lessen anxiety on your part and the seller’s, as you will know that your parcel will not easily get lost in transit.

Be wary about transacting with lesser known freight forwarding companies as they don’t have the processes, manpower and tracking abilities unlike the bigger companies mentioned above. If you or the seller insist going with small company, make sure to do your due diligence about their customer support, reputation, online reviews and reliability. With payment, make sure everything is black and white about taxes, packaging, weight, labels, mode of shippng and others.

Also make sure the product you are purchasing is allowed in your home country, as you don’t want to be involved in anything illegal that could land you in jail or have you pay hefty fines.

You wouldn’t want your purchase to be tagged as illegal. The cost of shipping may also vary depending on the type of shipping vehicle used to ship your package. It can either be an airplane, a cargo ship, or even both. These are the things you have to know of or research further to not encounter issues during shipment.

Buying Internationally in Carousell

The listings you will see on your Carousell app are all specific to the country you are in so you cannot see or buy listings from other countries as it is detected by Carousell’s system. However, if you change the country on your profile, this can be possible. It is not illegal but there could be a lot of difficulties and concerns that could arise from this. Both the buyer and seller must communicate very well and agree on the process of mailing or shipping the items internationally.

It can also be very expensive and it requires attention to detail because once an item is shipped it will be hard to change your transaction or orders anymore. Both parties should also have vast knowledge in terms of international shipping and the right freight forwarder for it. It will be very risky to do it when either the seller or buyer is doing it for the first time. Tracking can also be time-consuming and can take longer than expected. Other countries also do not ship it directly to the buyer’s address and require it to undergo customs or the national post office which is most likely to entail additional fees for the buyer when claiming it.

But Before deciding on this, take into consideration all factors because even Carousell does not encourage doing this kind of transaction. You may also seek the help of their customer support team if there is really a need for you to ship across borders but if there are other options available, it is best to do it rather than do something that is not 100% recommended.

It may also be easier and less complicated to have a friend who lives in the same country as the seller buy the item for you, and have your friend ship the item to your country.

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