[Infographic] Pinterest Search Ads

Pinterest has always been known as the social media platform with “pretty things,” but there's more to it.

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Pinterest has always been known as the social media platform with “pretty things.” But while it seems as a lightweight compared to Facebook, Instagram and Google, don’t discount it as an unworthy advertising channel.

In fact, 2019 was the year it overtook Snapchat as the 3rd biggest social network in the US, as its active users jumped to 335 million.

In terms of audiences, it is most popular with moms while men consist 20% of its active users, and shows that higher income households with higher educational backgrounds are more likely to use the platform.

With Pinterest ads, revenue from its shopping ads surged to a 100% growth last year, with US-based shoppers as biggest spenders. However users outside the US are also spending with a double digit growth.

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