Implement A Tugboat Marketing Strategy

Hitting customers on the head with an aggressive offer don’t cut it anymore. A tugboat marketing strategy is thus instrumental in building a fan base, a stronger bond with customers.

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The usual marketing approach is hitting shoppers with a direct offer, such as percent off for a limited time. While it is seems effective, a significant number of individuals are turned away by aggressive marketing. This may reflected by high bounce rates poor click throughs. A more subtle approach is thus warranted for these types of shoppers.

Take the tugboat for example. We always marvel how these little boats are able to haul enormous ships and cargo liners. This is made possible with the thick steel cables that connect the two vessels, but large ships do not simply drop the steel cables onto tugboats. If they do, it will sink the tugboat and it won’t be to accomplish the task of steering the bigger ship within a body of water.

Instead, the crew of the ship shoots a lightweight cable with a harpoon towards the tugboat. The crew then hauls this cable, that gets thicker and thicker– which is the actual cable that links the tugboat and the ship.

A tugboat marketing strategy thus should work this way: attach less threatening and aggressive messaging to your marketing assets. Providing an article, a video and a free PDF are just some of the tactics of this approach.

The bond with audiences are then strengthened through additional free information, a low-risk offer, etc. When that bond is strong enough, that is the only time a brand can hit the audience with more aggressive tactics.

The essence of this strategy is to close a sale, but don’t sell outright. Reel prospective customers in with less threatening offers. It takes time, but this strategy is essential if you want to build a loyal customer base and in the end allowing for a more stable business.

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