How To Claim Items From Shopee Farm: Quick & Easy Way

Shopee, together allows anyone to “grow” and “harvest” items and redeem them at specific stores. Previously Shopee has partnered with McDonald’s that allowed users to “harvest” and claim free burger, fries or sundae at any McDonald’s branch. This time, Shopee Farm offers new items to harvest.

Although the game itself is straightforward, it takes several steps before you can view the code and be able to exchange it for the actual food or item.

In this article we will show how to get the code and get your prize for free.

How To Play, Harvest and Claim Shopee Farm

Before you can claim your free item from Shopee Farm, you need to “water” a specific item for several days. Once you are able to harvest, you can then claim your free item.

  1. Launch your Shopee app and at the bottom of the screen tap “Me” and scroll down.
  2. Look for “My Shopee Coins” and tap. Afterwards select Shopee Farm.
  3. Click Let’s Go and start “watering” your item.
  4. Once your item is ready to harvest you can tap “Harvest Now.”
  5. Tap “Claim Now” afterwards.

How To Claim Your Free Item From Shopee Farm

  1. In the Shopee Farm game, select the item you just harvested and tap “Buy Now.”
  2. Tap on “Shopee Voucher > Select or enter code.”
  3. You will then see the voucher under “Discount & Coin Cashback”, and tap on it.
  4. Tap “checkout,” subtotal should be PHP 0.
  5. Tap “Place Order,” you will see that total payment is PHP 0.
  6. Select “Deliver Anytime” on the next screen and select Cash on Delivery.
  7. Select “Place Order.”
  8. You will see a confirmation that the order was completed.
  9. The code will show up the your app under “Notifications.”
  10. Create a screenshot of the Shopee Farm code.
  11. Show the screenshot at the merchant.

What Happens If The Item Is Sold Out?

When an item you are about to claim is marked as “Sold Out”, don’t worry because you can still exchange the voucher for another item especially when the voucher hasn’t expired yet. Follow the steps below on how to get it replaced:

  1. Go to the app’s Live Chat.
  2. What until a support officer is online and connects to the chat.
  3. Tell them about your concern that the food item you are about to redeem is sold out.
  4. The officer should be able to provide a link. Copy and paste the link to your browser.
  5. You will directed to a Google Form and will be asked to fill in your details.
  6. You will be asked to upload some screenshots of the food items you are about to claim.
  7. Click “Submit.”
  8. Wait for several days and you will receive a new notification on your app about a voucher replacement.

There you go! Enjoy your free items and don’t stop watering your Shopee Farm!

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