How Much is a 2nd Hand Car in The Philippines?

A used car is a wise choice financially whether you are a young professional, starting a family or just plain frugal. We’ve searched several used car marketplaces the Philippines to find out just how much used second hand cars cost.

The Philippines has a dynamic second hand car market. Credit: Dayso

Second hand sedan cars in the Philippines currently sell at a median price of PHP 636,500. Prices vary depending on the make, model, mileage and year.

With our research, we went to the three biggest online car portals:, and We looked at sedans and SUVs separately, with models as far back as 2016 until 2020. If you’re interested in knowing the price differences between SUVs, sedans, and the different brands, read on.

Prices of 2nd Hand or Used Sedan Cars

Price (PHP)All SedanToyotaMitsubishiNissanHyundaiSuzukiFordHondaIsuzu
Lowest Price85,00085,000151,000176,500107,000232,050298,000460,000No listings
Highest Price1,188,0001,338,000995,000890,000761,000657,000440,0001,188,000No listings
Median Price636,500711,500533,250533,250434,000444,525369,000824,000No listings
Table 1 – Prices of Sedan Cars in the Philippines: Total and Top 8 Brands

Brands we included in this search are the top 8 carmakers in the Philippines: Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai, Suzuki, Ford, Honda and Isuzu. Luxury brands were taken out as they greatly skew the prices and only have limited number of listings.

Take note that we broadly took the term ‘2nd hand’ as ‘used car’ in general, and also includes pre-owned, repossessed, and assume balance (pasalo) cars.

With the current listings the cheapest sedan car we found is a 2018 Toyota Wigo Automatic transmission priced at PHP 85,000. The most expensive was a 2016 Honda Civic Automatic transmission.

We observed that prices were greatly affected by the range of models car brands were offering in the market. Case in point is Toyota which has the budget Wigo, and also has the executive sedan model Camry.

In connection with this is the popularity of a certain car segment with the brand. If its popularity skews more towards economy cars, used car prices are expected to be lower, as compared to brands with popular executive sedans.

Surprisingly certified Pre-owned cars were found not to be significantly priced higher than the “plain” used cars. For instance, a 2020 Toyota Vios 1.3L J Manual transmission sells at PHP 600,000 as certified pre-owned as compared to a similar car labeled simply as “used” selling for PHP PHP 580,000 – only a 3% difference.

Prices of 2nd Hand or Used SUVs

Price (PHP)All SUVsToyotaMitsubishiNissanHyundaiSuzukiFordHondaIsuzu
Lowest Price213,000390,000765,000396,000529,000412,250213,000600,000852,000
Highest Price4,500,0004,500,0001,700,0002,000,0001,088,000870,0002,990,0001,800,0001,408,000
Median Price2,356,5002,445,0001,232,0001,198,000808,500641,1251,601,5001,200,0001,130,000
Table 2 – Prices of SUVs in the Philippines: Total and Top 8 Brands

Our SUV search also included top 8 makers with cars made from 2016 to 2020. We included crossovers in the research but excluded AUVs such as Mitsubishi Adventure and Isuzu Crosswind.

There were some outliers that we excluded such as used bulletproof SUVs that fetch around PHP 8 million.

As for prices, the cheapest SUV we found was a 2016 Ford Ecosport Automatic transmission.

It was interesting to note that there are a lot of Ford Ecosport being sold when we browsed listings from the three used car marketplaces.

In line with the above, brands with smaller crossovers such as Nissan and Ford have more affordable 2nd hand or used cars in the market. Toyota somehow is an exception to this as the Avanza straddles between the SUV and AUV categories.

The most expensive SUV on the listings we found was a 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Automatic. SUV listings that were heavily modified with paint job, transmission, wheels, mags, etc. where found to have prices on the upper range.

Where To Look For Used Cars and SUVs?

Knowing the price ranges for used sedan cars and SUVs, your next move perhaps would be to look for a specific brand, model and variant. We suggest you look into the three biggest car portals in the Philippines:, and

These three car portals provide a wide range of updated listings. And you can filter by car specifications such as brand, year, transmission, body type, etc. Autodeal even has a section where in you could opt to trade in your existing car to a dealer.

You can also look into the classified ads sections of newspapers, however expect the listings there to be not as current as those in online classified ads sites and car portals.

If you want the feel of the car you are buying you can go visit used car lots, these are a staple in any main thoroughfare in urban areas in the Philippines.

After zeroing in on your preferred listings, this is the time you make an appointment to inspect cars in person. This is as good as another article topic but during this inspection, you should have your friendly mechanic go with you or a friend who is as knowledgeable in cars as a mechanic to do a multi-point inspection of the units. Happy used car hunting!

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