How Do I Sell On Carousell? A Step by Step Guide

Carousell is created with the idea to have an all-in-one marketplace where people can sell brand new items as well as pre-loved stuff. Their user-friendly app has made it easy for you to start selling anytime and almost anywhere.

Opening a buy and sell business in Carousell is easy. Credit: Mike Petrucci

To start selling on Carousell here are the steps:

  1. Download the Carousell App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Create an account using your Google account, Apple ID or Facebook account.
  3. Gather and prepare your items to sell.
  4. Setup your products one by one and take their pictures.
  5. Add new listings on the Carousell App and enter product descriptions.
  6. Wait for customer queries and respond to them as quickly as possible.
  7. Receive payment from the buyer.
  8. Prepare the item for shipping.
  9. Send the item to the buyer through a meetup, courier or personal delivery.

To start making money with Carousell, here’s more detailed process on how to sell on Carousell with the Philippines’ number 1 buy and sell platform:

How Do I Sell on the Carousell App?

Once you have downloaded the Carousell app, you’re all set to establish your online store. 

1. Download the Carousell app

The Carousell App is the easiest way to sell using your mobile phone. Unlike using Carousell on a desktop, you don’t have to take the extra steps uploading your photos to your computer. To add, you get instant notifications when someone posts an inquiry about your product.

The Carousell App is available for free downloads on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

2. Create an account and set it up

Once you download the app you have create a Carousell account if you don’t have one yet. Signing up is free and you just have to enter your preferred email account and password or you want to you can sign up using your Google account, Apple ID or Facebook.

Setup your account profile, upload your picture and write your seller bio or description to present a more professional image. You don’t want to appear as a sloppy, unprofessional seller or a fly-by-night scammer.

3. Prepare your items

Time to raid your attic, closet or bodega and find the items you are willing to sell! Whether it’s brand new or your preloved stuff, you should have them ready or make sure you have all the items you want to sell. You can organize them into boxes or bins, have an inventory or monitoring of your products, ensure they are all clean and ready to be packaged and sent to the buyer any time. 

4. Take pictures of your items

Once you have organized or arranged your products for sale, you are now ready to shoot or take their photos. This is an essential part of selling because this will be the determining factor if people will buy them or not.

Since they’re not seeing it in actuality, your photos should show realness and the quality of the products. If they’re preloved items, your photos should show they’ve been used and handled properly or can still be useful. 

Also you would want to be truthful to your buyers, so scratches, dents or other forms of damage should also be photographed. This will save you some headache and shipping fees for returns in the future.

5. Add new listings to the app

With the app you should be able to add products as listings, enter products descriptions, their categories, tags and of course the product photos.

In the product description make sure to include the following:

  • Name of product
  • Brand
  • Item condition
  • Price
  • Negotiable or non-negotiable
  • Reason for selling
  • Product specifications such as color, size and weight
  • Other specifications especially for tech products
  • Item location
  • Payment mode
  • Shipping mode
  • Who will shoulder the shipping
  • Returns policy
  • Other items descriptions

Make sure to be as exhaustive as possible with the product description as this will save you time with customer inquiries. Descriptions also allow you to rank higher in Carousell searches and search engines such as Google.

6. Wait for customer queries and respond asap

It is very important to be responsive to messages from potential buyers whether or not you’re sure if they will purchase. Some buyers do not like to pursue purchases with sellers who take too much time to respond. You have to be hands-on when you have an online store business. Your tone also sets the mood between you and your buyer. Always be kind and patient because this can be a huge factor for buyers in deciding who they buy from. You need your customers more than they need you so you have to show compassion and empathy. 

7. Receive the payment from the buyer

Once you get a confirmation that a person is willing to buy your product, you can now communicate with them your modes of payment such as Gcash, bank deposit, or kaliwaan during a meetup.

When accepting payments through non-physical modes such as gcash, bank deposit or pera padala, ask the buyer to send a screenshot of payment confirmation or deposit slips. However do not rely on these and check your account if the money has indeed been transferred to you.

8. Prepare the item for sending to the buyer

Once you a confirmation that payment has been sent, you can now prepare the item for sending to the buyer. Do a final cleaning and inspection of the item. Check if it is still in good condition, if it turns on, etc. When you are not personally sending the product, have your item packaged securely in a sturdy box and with bubble wrap.

9. Send the item to the buyer

If you are not doing a meet up or personally sending the product to the buyer, a courier or delivery service will help you ship out the items to people in different locations so you have to make sure you entrust your parcels to couriers that will take care of your items during shipment. There are lots of courier options in the Philippines. You can check reviews to find the perfect match for you.

When meeting up with a buyer just remember to be aware and careful during this part of the transaction. As much as possible do transactions in a public place such as restaurant, mall food court or in a bank.

With personal deliveries to the buyer’s address, have someone accompany you and do it in broad daylight. Do not agree to deliver products when you are not familiar with the area.

How Do I Sell faster on Carousell?

Following the mentioned steps can also help you sell fast on Carousell but another tip is to put effort into advertising or marketing such as the quality of your photos, the descriptions of your products, cross-posting it to your other social media accounts, packaging, and product quality. These things should initially reflect on your online store and must be what makes you unique from competitors. 

Does Carousell Bump Work?

Bump is a feature in Carousell that boosts your product’s visibility when you “bump” it to the top of popular and recent searches. It’s very helpful and works in speeding up your sales and promoting your products. The more exposure your products get the more chances of getting potential and actual buyers. 

Final Tip: Beware of Scams

There are already numerous reports on print and digital media about online scams or fraudulent activities. Always be vigilant. Do not be fully trusting. It is very easy to pretend in the virtual world. Always do background checks, do not give your personal details, trust your instincts, record your transactions and do profiling. It is better safe than sorry. Check out this article about transacting safely in Carousell.

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