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When you get started today we will setup your first Ad Campaign plus everything you need to launch and manage your campaign – with live walkthrough and coaching at no cost to you!

Ad Campaign Setup

Our team will setup an ad campaign with three ad groups, with seven keywords each.

Live Campaign Walkthrough

Once setup is done we will schedule you for a live campaign walkthrough to familiarize yourself with the campaign.

Campaign Guide

We will also send you a free digital copy of our simple and easy to follow campaign management guide.

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Why Are You Offering This Service For Free?

As a digital marketing agency, the more businesses that get into Google Ads the more clients we get for our other digital marketing services! And… we just want you to GET STARTED!

If you’re here right now you are probably:

Wanting to get started with Google Ads but don’t know how and where to start 


You launched your own Google Ads campaigns in the past, but didn’t work well.

Now this is what we call fate! We will help you and walk you through Google Ads Setup and launch. What are you waiting for? This offer closes soon. Click the button below to start!

Yes, I’m Ready To Launch My First Ad Campaign

How Other Businesses Have Found Success in Google Ads

Whether you’re an eCommerce, B2B or service business, Google Ads will help you reach more customers and increase your sales.

1,100% Revenue Over 3 Years


“I used Google Ads Search and intent-based campaigns to being with… It was the main source of growth for Barbudos, and something I still use to this day.”

Roberto Francisco

Founder, Barbudos

70% Increase in Online Orders


“Our direct online orders have rocketed to 70% in just three years – and we’re consistently getting more visitors… I think we’re well on our way to being the go-to place for ordering top quality Pizza in Glasgow.

Antoni Dobrenko

Owner, Toni’s Pizzeria

Start today and reap the benefits businesses have been getting from launching and running Google Ads.

Yes, I’m Ready To Launch My First Google Ads Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long before my Google Ads Campaign is setup?

A: Our team will take between 24 to 48 to build your Google Ads Campaign. This ensures that the campaign is tailor-fit for you and your business goals. After this period we will contact you and schedule you for a brief walkthrough.

Q: How does this free Google Ads Setup offer work?

A: Click on the button below and we will ask you to fill out information about your business so we can build your Google Ads Search campaign based on your needs. Within 48 hours one of our team will contact you and schedule you for a walkthrough and coaching session to familiarize you with managing your Google Ads campaign. You will also receive our Free Google Ads Campaign Management Guide right after the session.

Q: Is this offer really FREE? What’s the Catch?

A: Yes, this offer is genuinely free! We offer it with a no-strings attached, we also do not require your credit card information to get your free Google Ads campaign setup. All we ask is for you to start now with us… since our agency relies on businesses that are into digital marketing, the more businesses like yours sign up the more we earn with our other services!

Q: Who is this offer for?

A: This offer is for businesses that want to start with Google Ads on the right track. We want to give you a step-by-step guide so you can get started with Google Ads without getting lost and being overwhelmed.

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