Free Ads Posting Locations In The Philippines (In Real Life)

Physical print ads has its own advantages: they can supplement your online campaign, you can reach demographics that don’t usually congregate online, and if placed on a strategic location it can target across different demographics. Here we list down free ads posting locations from your local church to the humble electrical post.

Community bulletin boards are effective spaces for reaching out to customers offline. Credit: Hugues de Buyer-Mimieure

Electrical Posts

This location is most used by your friendly neighboorhood “tubero” or plumber, septic tank drainage services and nanny agencies, so why not take advantage of the free ad real estate, right?

Church Bulletin Board

Church bulletin board is a good avenue if you are looking for decent foot traffic with a broad audience. Just make sure to ask permission from the local parish priest or paster as you don’t want your ad or flyer to be taken down as soon as your posted it.

UP Diliman Waiting Sheds

Most university waiting sheds in UP Diliman have bulletin boards that allow anyone to post anything. This is good if you are targeting a younger demographic, i.e. college and graduate school students. We’ve seen tutorial centers, job vacancy posts and other similar ads on these waiting sheds.

Your Local Starbucks

Your local Starbucks has a “community board” mostly for local activities and events, so take advantage of this by asking your favorite barista if you can post a flyer. This allows you reach the latte-drinking set, if that’s your target customer base.

Condo/Village Association Bulletin Boards

While condo or village association bulletin boards mostly contain circulars, announcements, notices and other “official” memos, it may be worth a try especially if you are targeting the middle to upper middle class demographic. Since it is a private bulletin, it is obviously sensible to ask the admin office if you could post your ad or flyer on their bulletin board.

Your Local Barbershop or Salon

Local barbershops or salons, especially those near the market have high turnover and traffic. Ask the proprietor if you could post on their walls or mirrors, as those are great spots to expose your prospective customer to your product or service. It may take some bargaining, but you could try to promise availing more of their services in exchange for an ad spot.

Rideshare Cars

This may not be applicable to anyone, but if you happen to have a regular rideshare driver, you can ask him or her to have some advertising material hung behind the front seats.

It may take more effort, as it requires printing physical copies of your banner, flyer or ad, but posting physical ads is a good complement to your online free ads posting strategy for your business.

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