Facebook Ad Strategies Usually Ignored

Some strategies seem to defy common marketing logic, but surprisingly work.

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There is no shortage of the type of Facebook ads that withstand the test of time. These ads have time and time again proven that they work, and they follow sound marketing logic. There are however ads that despite following sound marketing concepts, don’t just work.

There is no doubt that each advertiser will encounter a failing campaign similar to these. The upside of this is that this can be a rich ground of experiments, which could yield fantastic results.

In a Facebook campaign, it is conventional wisdom to tailor the campaign strategy to where the audience is at in the funnel. More so with cold audiences, as shoppers are turned off with an aggressive messaging fit more for those at the lower end of the funnel.

In an experiment, a cold audience campaign was performing much worse than other campaigns despite having followed all the best practices and following the usual conversion funnel logic.

The business goal of the account was to increase brand awareness and increase traffic to the site, then afterwards close conversions with an on-page form. Other cold audience campaigns in the account were performing well, but disregarding common logic it was switched to optimize for conversions.

In switching to optimize for conversions for the pixel, the cost per click of the campaign increase, as well as the ad spend which increased by 7%. However the number of leads increased dramatically by 1800%, in  turn decreasing the  cost per lead by 94%. In short, the increase in ad spend was offset by decrease in cost per lead.

One then wonders why this change was dramatic, and defies common marketing logic. Optimizing for traffic in Facebook allows the platform to deliver ads to individuals most likely to click on the ad at the lowest cost. On the other hand, optimizing for conversions will provide traffic that will mostly likely result in sales. In this case, one can do away with optimizing by conversions when targeting top funnel audiences.

With this, feel free to do experiments such as the example as this may result in greater conversions. Do note however that it may not work with other audiences, thus it is key to measure and evaluate the results of every experiment.

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