Does Your Company Really Need SEO?

Not all companies were created equal, and some companies may not need a heavy investment in SEO as others do.

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Back in the day when the internet was much younger, there were only a handful of websites taking advantage of what SEO brings, garnering a lot of traffic in the process. Those websites knew SEO’s five pillars: Code, Content, Connections, Communications and Capture.

There was no social media back then like what we have with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat right now.

In short, with SEO’s five pillars nothing much has changed for the last 10 years. Companies with an SEO strategy clearly outrank those that have none, but execution of these strategies require significant investment in resources. For some businesses, the investment simply cannot outweigh the short term and even medium term benefits. Thus, not all companies need an SEO strategy and here’s why:

  1. Some products or companies are not searched by anyone

Those products that require awareness in the first place, especially those that are new in the market do not need an SEO campaign. For these products, awareness comes first and demand follows if successful.

  1. Some companies require speedy results

Although SEO provides the second best ROI after quality opt-in email lists, SEO requires investment in time – in short SEO is slow. A paid campaign is thus more suited if the time frame is shorter.

  1. Hefty ad budgets of giant enterprises make up for poor SEO implementation

Large companies often have websites using an outdated CMS, and changing it entails several levels of bureaucracy that even the slightest site update will move at a glacial pace. The upside here is that the poor SEO of their CMS is diminished by their huge spending in paid ads.

  1. Selling events or one-time products and services is difficult for SEO

Google has admitted that it can take months after changes or updates made to a site for it to impact its rankings in its search engine. This would mean that it is nonsense to optimize a page for SEO that features events happening in the next few months.

  1. SEO requires significant amount of resources

While it initially looks like that SEO does not require significant budgets as in paid ads, it in fact requires investment in manpower, finances and budget. For a small business, the initial budget could instead be funneled into social media ads to get traction in a shorter time – SEO can be done later.

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