Diversify Your Linking Profile for Better SEO

Links are not dead. Link-building is still an important component in ranking well with search engines and gaining organic traffic.

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Linking is not dead and it remains as the powerful determinant of search engine ranking. Google, as the biggest and most dominant search platform, it is constantly testing and conducting experiments with search results. Thus it is necessary to diversify your website’s linking profile from different sources that will be able to weather sudden changes in search algorithms.

Basically link building tactics falls under content, research and community. Each is essential in employing a diversified linking strategy.

Content Link Building

Getting links via content is a common way of garnering links, as it is mostly effective. However, it is the mostly difficult.

One tactic is guest posting, but sending outreach emails are time consuming and sites employ a rel=nofollow link. However, this tactic should not be shunned especially for sites that are relevant to your audience and offers some exposure of content.

Different resources can also be employed to attract a variety of links: professional design, scientific research and data collection, video production, web development, original photography, professional writing and others.

Research Link Building

Analysis of competitor traffic is effective when done right. The competitor’s top pages are a good resource for researching links. While it may be a good tactic to recreate the content a competitor – check how it will fit in your overall content strategy.

Hunting for broken links that are supposed to lead to relevant content in your niche is one tactic to employ. With this it is important to consider if your page is a suitable replacement for the dead content, and if it is enough to compel the site administrator to switch the link.

Community Link Building

If you are a part of community or a group, one can take advantage of this relationship with others. Professional or local association can be a rich resource for links, and some provide some significant exposure.

Other tactics for link building in this area are sponsorships, interviews, partnerships and testimonials. Contests and giveaways also provide opportunities for building links.

What Is the Right Mix?

The right mix among these three types of tactics are dependent on the type of industry a brand is in. While some tactics are more effective than others, it pays to diversify your link profile to get a stable stream of organic traffic.

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