Digital Marketing For Your Buy and Sell Business

You have a product or at least you have an idea of a product that you are going to be buying and selling to the Philippine market. Here is a comprehensive guide, or better yet, an arsenal of tools in digital marketing with your buy and sell business to make it big time.

Digital marketing can be thought of as a holistic approach to increasing your business’s reach. Credit: Karine Germain

Online Classified Ads Sites

Classified Ads Sites offer you a quick entry into the buy and sell business. Whether you are selling new or used products, or services. Most sites require one to register before posting an ad but buy and sell marketplaces are free to low-cost way to get to you customers. TIP: Answer customer queries asap. Buyers on these sites have a high buying intent and mostly buy fast moving items within a day of reaching out to sellers.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are also no-cost to low-cost way to offer your product or service to a highly-engaged audience. You can post to broad buy and sell groups or to specific groups that specialize on your niche. TIP: Just make sure to ask permission from group admins or take note of the types of posts allowed in the group to keep you from getting banned.

Instagram Profile

Signing up for this popular social media network should be a no-brainer with several merchants making serious money just by posting pictures and videos of their products. Make sure to post regularly, at least two times a day, with the relevant hashtags, reply to buyers as soon as possible. TIP: follow the followers of your rival merchants to increase visits to your profile.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is a requirement for your buy and sell business as Facebook is where most of your buyers congregate. If they search for your business on the search bar, your page should be able to come up in case they want more information on your product or need a follow up about their order. TIP: Get a chatbot to so customers can be engaged even when you are not online.

YouTube Channel

The video site is surprisingly one of the largest search engines trailing Google. It should serve as a repository of your videos that feature how-to’s, product info, tutorials and other assets that would make it informative and entertaining for your buyers and regular customers. TIP: make your video description as detailed as possible to make it easy for viewers to search for you on Youtube and even on major search engines.


If you have some money to spare, buying your own domain and getting it hosted is one of your best investments even when you are just starting out. Your website should be the first one to come up on search engines (over your social media profiles) so you will have control over the most first impressions of your store or brand. This is handy when you get average ratings on your classified ads profiles, facebook page at the outset. TIP: Make it a point to update product info as outdated product descriptions may turn off prospective buyers. Also make sure to link to your social media profiles from your website.

Google Ads

The biggest search engine on the internet should be the first one to advertise on if you have the extra budget to reach out to more prospective customers. TIP: Learn which type of Google Ad campaign is suitable for your product or service. For example, Shopping ads for physical products, Search Ads for trade services, Display ads for retargeting, etc.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

These social networks are also great, as they allow you hone in to your target customers with location, gender, interests, job, age and language targeting. TIP: Videos on Facebook ads and Instagram ads work very well, and surprisingly “raw-looking” footages mostly outperform more polished video ads.

Here’s a more detailed guide we created for Facebook Ads with your buy and sell business.

Digital marketing with a buy and sell business is fun, if it is your hobby, a side business or your main stream of income. With these digital marketing tools at your disposal you can be the next Kimstore in no time.

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