Creating A Laser-Focused PPC Landing Page

Since post-click elements are as important as pre-click components of PPC, it pays to create a targeted landing page as much as possible.

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Landing pages serve as the gateway to websites for users coming from external sources such as content websites, search engines and social networks. We always get that having a tailor-fit landing page is essential when launching campaigns, but how targeted should these landing pages be? The short answer base on different case studies is that they should be as targeted as they can be.

Geo Specific Landing Pages

In a case study, 10 landing pages were created for 10 cities and optimized the ad campaigns with keyword focused copies that boosted the quality scores. Videos were then tested on these ads, but were withdrawn as they decreased the performance of the campaigns. It was then decided to scale up the campaign to include more geographic areas to increase reach.

Service Specific Landing Pages

The landing page strategy was changed as the ad campaign was scaled up to other metropolitan areas. Instead of creating more geo-specific landing pages, that would be more difficult to manage in the long run, new landing pages were created that instead focused on the brand’s services. Performance remained excellent after the switch to service landing pages.

After some time city focused landing pages were tested once again, and it came as a surprise when the geo-based landing pages outperformed the service landing pages. This overturned the results of the previous test.

Post Click is Important As Pre-Click

What the experiments tell was that ads, images, videos and other pre-click elements are just as important as post-click elements which include the development of landing pages. It also shows that the popular cliché “always be testing” in PPC still rings true.

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