Crafting the Perfect Instagram Profile for Your Business

Short as it may be, your Instagram profile is a key factor that defines your customer's purchase journey.

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Instagram is the best visual appealing platform to showcase your products to your audience. It has over 500 million daily active users and 80% of those accounts follow at least one business which makes it important to have a remarkable Instagram Profile.
It is key to let prospective customers know more about your brand and to get some visits to your website. It might seem challenging but by following the tips, your profile may reach its full potential and what’s also great is that most of these just take a few minutes to complete.

Top Strategies in Creating the Perfect Instagram Profile for Business

These strategies will definitely aid you in your task to creating the best Instagram Profile for Business.

Provide A Clear Value Proposition

Ask yourself these questions: Who am I? What am I trying to sell? Where can customers learn more about my business? It’s important to let your audience to know a concise description of your company as well as give a description of what you are trying to sell.HubSpot, an Inbound Marketing Software company does this well. They provide a brief explanation as to what kind of worth they can provide to their customers.

From the sample above, HubSpot also utilizes Instagram Stories to offer updates which gives them additional value and relevant traffic on their homepage.

Have Fun with Your Audience

Try to show personality in your Bio always and make sure to try to connect with your audience all the time. 

A good example of this is with Totinos, a frozen pizza producer.
From their bio, they feature a fictional character named Pete. With him, the audience can feel more connected with the brand making it easier for potential customers to have a reason to go to the site where they can consume more lively and valuable information.

Show Your Personality with Emojis

Visual elements are also an important part of setting up your profile. By adding emojis, you add emphasis and personality to your profile, making potential customers feel more comfortable. It is important to note and take into account your audience and brand, as this does not work for all types of businesses.

Divinity LA Bracelets, a jewelry maker company, does this pretty well.

From their bio, you can see that they used different emojis to represent a diverse core feature of their brand values. The earth emoji symbolizes their global reach; the heart shows how the company wants their customers to feel; the hand shows reaching out to charity; and the package illustrates their capability for worldwide shipping.

Just make sure to consider your brand as this strategy works best for certain cases only.

Showcase New Promotional Offers

You can also use your Bio to showcase updated offers of your business.
Spotify, a music streaming provider, promotes offers on their bio:

Spotify’s bio is brief. However, they use this opportunity to make timely changes to their bio to promote new offers and also using the space to promote their snapchat or a link to a specific playlist. This helps potential customers immediately get started with their service or product.

Try to constantly update your bio with events or any upcoming promotions. These updates make your customers satisfied and updated which in turn offer great marketing value.

Incorporate the Right Hashtags

Hashtags can build community as well as update customers to know how they can be featured on your feed. It gives your followers a way to participate in the latest updates in your page.

With Pottery Barn, you can see that they used #mypotterybarn as their hashtag in their bio. Clicking this hashtag, followers are able to review any posts that are related to #mypotterybarn and this provides as an additional exposure to the brand.

Create a Strong Call to Action
You can also use your Bio to motivate customers to click the link you included by adding incentives.

HelloFresh with their profile tells their audiences what they sell and also let their customers know that they’ll receive a discount from their order by clicking the link in their Bio. This is similar to a coupon offer and it is a great way to have customers frequently visit your website.
Take note that you need to have a strong CTA (call to action) so your audience will be satisfied every time they get directed to a specific page.

Provide Important Company Information

Try to always provide a clear and concise information about your company. Since Instagram only allows a limited space to display your Bio, make sure to include only the most important details about your company.

Bluebottle provides information on  what they offer as well as their location. Anyone who visits their profile will know how and where to purchase their coffee.
As much as possible, let your customers know where they can find your products. This is useful especially for companies expanding into an e-commerce setup or online stores that recently opened a store.

Include Social Proof 

Social Proof is a way to signal your credibility to visitors of your profile. Having this, potential customers will trust your brand as this brings in more value to your products and pages.
In his profile, you can see that Tim Ferriss says that he is a five-time New York Times and Wall Street Journal # 1 bestseller. With this, visitors are given a reason to connect with him since they will see that he is a recognized author based on his achievements.

With an Instagram Bio there is no single cookie-cutter strategy, but overall it is key to inform, engage and manage visitor expectations to drive relevant traffic to your website.

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