Content Promotion Basics

A highly targeted approach to content distribution with the right tools and processes is essential to your promotion strategy.

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Post distribution in a nutshell are activities that enable brands to disseminate their content to all target audiences. It is a crucial part of a business especially when it involves trying to reach out to a broader set of audience. Most businesses today have the means to implement SEO for their products – this is a good thing but is never enough.

There are several methods of distributing content, and the major platform is undoubtedly Facebook. With over a billion users, Facebook assures that your content will be seen and consumed by someone. The key is to pique the interest of users, by showing them what they can gain by reading your content. Other platforms that are great for distribution of content are Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, Guest Posting, Email List, and Online Forums. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the context of the application.

With a wide variety of choices in distribution of content, chances are you will be overwhelmed with managing all of the accounts. Luckily, there are tools available such as CoSchedule and Hootsuite that can help you schedule posts ahead of time. It can help in automating the process of sharing through each and every social media channel available.

To know more about which channel you should use, try to focus more on your audience and see which platform they are using most of the time. From there, you can strategize on how to deliver your content to the public. Utilizing tools such as Google Analytics will aid you with this, as it allows businesses to view which networks are delivering most of the traffic. This way you can direct your efforts towards the most effective social platform, allowing for a more laser-focused post distribution strategy.

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