Combine Facebook Ads and Content for Greater Impact

Ads that deliver value and establish trust provide a more stable business in the long run, as opposed to focusing on quick sales from impulse buys.

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In Facebook, marketers sometimes focus on the things that don’t deliver much impact and don’t pay attention the human psychology behind the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Essentially, Facebook is an online version of a party. Thus the main goal should be building relationships and educate to cultivate your own community. As an example, a business selling home cleaning products could feature in Facebook some tutorials or How-To’s in keeping the home clean while staying away from harmful products. Only when the business has established relationships that’s the only time one can effectively market the cleaning products.

Also similar to a business networking group, in Facebook one cannot expect to immediately sign up a new client during a first encounter. Although this might be the case, it is still worth to link up with individuals in an event as they can provide referrals or might need their services at a later date. Individuals also have different buying patterns, some may be impulse buyers while some take some time before finally settling to a deal.

This is where shortsightedness come in for Facebook marketing. Some businesses only target those impulse buyers and do not cultivate individuals, who do research and convert at a later date. Selling too quickly definitely leaves out opportunities for conversion.

It is notable that the downside with high vector selling might turn off potential customers, and also burn out their audience. A strategy then would be allotting resources to building value, trust and relationships. This can be done starting with the Facebook ad, showing how it can help and engage them in the process.

Utilizing a video ad that educates audiences can cheaply build a custom audience in Facebook. Same can be done with static images, but video has proven to be more effective. As the campaigns gather impressions and data, do not forget that your goal is to build relationships. Do not be easily tempted to switch back to high-vector selling.

Creating these ads from an existing blog post is a good practice, those blog posts should be the key pillars of your content and showcase your products in a great way. In planning for the content of the ad, instead of thinking how it can go viral think about instead how it will make people to share it after learning something from it. From this, the Facebook algorithm can reward your campaign with cheaper clicks and greater reach.

Creating content for Facebook ads might be resource intensive, more so with smaller brands. But given enough investment, it is almost a fool-proof way in establishing a more stable business that does not simply rely on impulse buys.

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