Boost Business Profitability With PPC Campaigns

If done correctly, spend on PPC advertising may seem trivial when for example $10 on ads bring $300 in revenue!

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With the proper approach, PPC just works. It is not far-fetched that the best PPC campaigns can bring in $300 sales from $10 clicks, while the worst ones are just glossed over and do not engage users.

A solid PPC plan is therefore warranted, and the three companies below have harnessed PPC with much success through a careful crafted channel strategy. uses effectively measured pay-per-click programs for PPC and continuously tests combination of words and phrases in their campaign to keep up with the latest trends. 

One of their findings was simply rearranging copy in a headline or changing the description line can increase CTRs by 8 percent or more. And this does not only apply to English-speaking audiences.

Broad matching is something that doesn’t delve in for its PPC campaigns. Instead it seeks customers targeted through geographic, time and language segments. These are done through Google AdWords and Bing Ads, combined with GA Content Experiments and Optimizely.

A key point from Smartsheet CEO Brent Frei was that there is no direct correlation between budget and results, as additional ad money won’t necessarily increase quality leads.


Chemstations is a company that specializes in chemical simulation software. The brand decided that they needed to target a narrow group of engineering customers who are key buyers and decision makers. This need led Chemstations to try LinkedIn pay-per-click advertising, which just rolled out during that time.

The company started with ads with the objective to increase clicks, instead of impressions, to track high-value interactions. They also targeted by job roles such as chief technology or operations officers, which make software purchase decisions for companies.

With their ads, Chemstations found that including photos of people looking directly at the user were more effective. This is in addition, to experimenting with ad copy texts and wording. 


With more than 1 billion users, Facebook as an attractive channel for marketers. However, simply running ads without a solid strategy is synonymous to shouting at a crowd – which only drives people away.

Optimization of Facebook ads with mobile-friendly creatives, specific targeting and using high-traffic placements is thus necessary.

Hutch utilized Facebook Targeting tools for more precise reach specifically towards women in the U.S aged 45 or younger, with the goal to boost app installs. The test resulted in a tenfold increase in app installs, and from this point Facebook ads have been an important channel in the company’s digital marketing strategy. “Facebook will continue to play a pivotal role in efficiently acquiring Hutch app users,” said Hutch’s CEO Beatrice Fischel-Bock.

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