Best Home Office Gear: Our Top Picks

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If you are new to working remotely at home or just looking to spice up your work space with a freelance or home based business you can start with our top picks for the best home office gear. We will help you setup with these fundamental items for a home office. Building your own home office starts here!

Our list is broken down into essential items and must-haves. While the latter is optional, they’re going to help you immensely with productivity, and some motivation to do your best work!

Best Essential Home Office Gear

1. A Proper Office Chair

That monobloc chair won’t do anymore. As we spend most of the time doing office work sitting down, it is important to invest in a proper office chair that should be comfortable, adjust to your sitting height and support your lower back.

This office mesh chair from Qube just ticks all of those items, and is especially suited if your room doesn’t have air conditioning during warmer days.

Office mesh chair. Credits: Qube

If you are fortunate to have air conditioning in your home for most of the time, this faux leather boss chair with a built-in ottoman will suit you.

2. A Proper Office Table

If you are like most people working from home, chances are you work on the dining table because of its size, and you can easily plop down paperwork, notebooks, reports, etc. However it is a hassle when it’s mealtime and you have to clear everything. Now is the time to invest in a proper office table.

This L-shaped corner table has a good desk real-estate and is perfect if you have a dual-monitor setup. The tabletop comes in black or white.

If you are health nut and are aware of the benefits of a standing desk, this electric standing desk with preset height adjustment may just be for you. It also comes with 3 usb charing ports and a tempered glass top. Tabletop size is 1200 x 600mm. It is available in black and white.

Electric standing desk. Credit: Aofeis

3. Monitor Stand

If you are using a monitor, getting a monitor stand is great as it frees up desk space and you can easily adjust the monitor height. This monitor arm mount stand fits most 17 to 27 inch flat monitors and clamps sturdily to the edge of your table. If you have a dual monitor setup, this stand is perfect for you.

Monitor arm mount stand. Credit: NeatPH

4. Filing Cabinet

Another item on the list of essential home office products is a 3-drawer filing cabinet that should make your documents, writing instruments and other office supplies within easy reach. This sturdy filing cabinet has a modern design with 3 drawers an a lock. A wheel below the bottom drawer prevents the cabinet from tipping over.

Filing cabinet mobile pedestal with 3 drawers. Credit: Aofeis

5. Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is a must-have, especially in a home office setup. Its wireless feature means a less cluttered desk space. This Logitech wireless mouse is thus perfect for the home office, it has silent buttons and clickwheel and is amazingly responsive. Battery life is great and takes almost a year before you need replacement of AA batteries.

Logitech wireless mouse. Credit: Logitech

Home Office Nice-To-Haves

  1. A 34″ Curved Monitor

A cool office setup would have this 34 inch Xiaomi Curved Monitor. Not only is it suited for gaming for an immersive experience, it is quite handy for those MS Excel sheets with multiple columns. A double setup of this monitor makes your office extra wicked.

Xiaomi curved monitor. Credit: Xiaomi

2. A Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is great as you can easily say voice commands to play music, tell the time, compute simple maths, control lights, tell reminders, add to a shopping list, etc. This 4th Generation Echo Dot smart speaker from Amazon has Alexa and can do most of the tasks above. A subscription to Amazon Music is needed if you want to play individual songs. Otherwise you can only plat internet radio.

Alexa Echo Dot smart speaker. Credit: Amazon

3. A Fish Tank with Planter

This miniature fish tank features led lighting, filtration and a planter at the top. Great for bringing life into your desk space, and relieves stress. It is suitable for Betta fish and other smaller freshwater fish species.

Mini fish tank from Xiaomi. Credit: Xiaomi

4. Bonsai Starter Kit

Bring outdoors in with this Bonsai Starter Kit. The set includes seeds, germination pods, pots and a learning guide for a fool-proof bonsai growing experience right at your desk.

Bonsai starter kit. Credit: Planter’s Choice