Anton Sheker: One Of The Unsung Classified Ads Pioneers In The Philippines

Anton Sheker is the brains behind (different from, one of the long-standing classified ads sites in the Philippines. He is a serial entrepreneur and a professional photographer who has founded different websites, and also had a fair share of contentions & triumphs surrounding his endeavors.

Mr. Sheker (not the one depicted above) is one of the pioneers of the online classified ads marketplaces in the Philippines. Credit: Jon Tyson

Educational Background

Mr. Sheker has attended illustrious schools in his earlier years. He attended Colegio San Agustin in Makati from 1985 to 1989, which is a known educational institution for the upper middle class set in the country’s financial district. He took up Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Asia and the Pacific (formerly Center for Research and Communication), which is a leading university managed by Opus Dei in the Philippines.

Business & Professional Experience

Mr. Sheker served as the vice president of finance for Prima Mobel Philippines, not long after his graduation from university, a position he held for 18 years. 

Around the year 2000’s he founded an online group called Lomo Manila. He also served as the erstwhile official photographer of the Azkals, the Philippines’ national football team from 2012 to 2013. It was also during this time that he founded, a football photography community.

In 2008, he founded which evolved into the present classified ads marketplace

His background in digital marketing can be traced to his experience with Vorian Agency and, wherein he consequently served as SEO Manager between the years of 2013 to 2014. 

In March 2016 he founded, a started company that aimed “to help alleviate unemployment here in the Philippines through innovative services.” The service was mainly delivered through SMS, a popular platform for minimum wage earners and blue collar workers in the Philippines. 

Mr. Sheker also lists among his photography credentials being the official photographer for the 2017 AFC Cup in the Philippines, under Lagardere Sports. in 2020 launched an online version of the famous Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City. The launch was considered a success as it was covered extensively in social media by different outlets, which highlighted the support for small businesses suffering from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

In The News

Mr. Sheker figured in the news in June 2008 for having sued the Philippine’s oldest newspaper over copyright infringement allegations. Manila Bulletin allegedly lifted Mr. Sheker’s photos from his personal blog without his consent. It was considered a landmark case as it was the first time the issue of copyright infringement over the internet was raised.

Social Media Accounts

Mr. Sheker maintains his social media accounts on Twitter (@antonsheker), Instagram (@togitron) and Facebook (antonsheker). He also maintains a professional profile in LinkedIn (antonsheker).

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